Saturday, December 29, 2007

How To Obtain Peace In 4 Simple Steps

By Chaszey Sandhriel

The Holidays undoubtedly bring out the worst in family members. Most people when asked "How was your Holidays?" say: "I'm glad it's over."

Sounds familiar?

No matter how long the bitter aftertaste of dysfunctional holiday gatherings lingers in the air, everyone at the core wants peace. Even that one person who seems to be the cause of all the havoc truly wants peace deep down.

There is more going on than just dysfunction in our lives. Perhaps you have noticed that things have shifted here on planet Earth, not just for you as an individual but for humanity as a whole.

Over the past 3 months I can't tell you how many of my friends and clients have "suffered" a gap in their relationships, have broken up, tried to mend their relationships once again, moved out, divorced, gained weight, gotten terribly sick and so on. It's been a roller coaster ride for many in the truest sense of the word. There are many reasons for that. Part of it is the mass consciousness that affects everyone of us, even those who do not watch TV and do not read the newspapers, another part is astrological; we are going through an exiting time in our evolutionary journey.

This season is resting on us like a cold blanket, making us go into hibernation, we want to talk less and spoon up more, we want to eat more soup (or eat more all together), and we tend to be more introverted. It's truly a time for reflection, some do it consciously and others do it intuitively. Even the hours of the shining sun has been reduced and the moon's appearance on our sky increased, literally; perhaps you know that the moon is in charge of gravity, the mysteries of life, reaching to the depth of our very souls, she is in charge of the dreams we dream, our intuition and so on. Our moon is responsible for our in-breath, for contraction. She affects our third eye and many other amazing qualities. In balance the sun shines outward and takes charge of our outside personality, and yet the sun is totally in charge to expand our solar plexus, if we would just let it. Our sun represents expansion with every out-breath we give.

This month and next, I would like to encourage you more than anything to breathe, breathe deep and breathe with a purpose and goal in mind.

The following is a great exercise for you to do every day, several times a day, in particular during those stressed times.

- Fill your abdomen and chest with a deep breath - Hold it for eight seconds - Let the breath go as slowly as you are able to - Repeat this process seven times

When you start this breathing exercise it may feel like you're out of breath, simply take a regular breath in between the deep breaths. That's okay. The best times to do this exercise are first thing when you wake up while laying flat on your back. You can achieve additional benefit if you also do this last thing at night before falling asleep. You can also do this exercise throughout the day when you're in your car or waiting in line and so on.

It is important to remember that are you breathing in the mysteries of life so when you breathe in, make sure your intentions are positive. Your solar plexus opens up just like the sun's rays come to rest upon earth when that cloud moves out of the way. In fact, your solar plexus is a small version of our big sun in our galaxy and it has the same affect on your body and your surroundings as does the sun on Mother Earth. When the sun shines it is a gift of love, a gift of giving, so when you breathe out you are doing the same. Just like the sun warms up our planet when we breathe out we do the same for others. It is essential therefore that we breathe out only love and gratitude for the people and all beings of this planet, always aware that just like the rays of sunshine hit the moon at night, our solar plexus too bounces off its rays to our inner being and thus affects the people around us. Your breath has the capability of giving life and sustaining life. So go out there and breathe, always knowing that your breath has tremendous power, therefore breathe with love and gratitude.

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