Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Little Things Sell Your Home These Days

By Hal James

The devil is in the details or so the cliche' goes. Well, the cliche is very accurate when it comes to selling your home in a buyers' market. Focussing on the details of your home makes it stand out to buyers.

Forget the national real estate scene. You must focus on the comparable homes in the market. What is better about your home compared to each of them? What obvious aspect makes it stand out and can be touted to buyers?

If you haven't remodeled, don't worry. Small, inexpensive changes to a home can make a world of difference in the eyes of buyers. Just consider some of these small tweaks that can turn your house from run of the mill to unique and interesting.

One of the keys to curb appeal is to create a path to your front door. The path sets the tone for the buyer's impression of the home. Try to ditch concrete rectangle paths. Go for placed stones or a winding path.

Once your potential buyer makes it to the front door, you want them to have a feeling of balance. This means you need to frame the door correctly. A flower pot on each side of the door should do it and provide a friendly fragrance.

Windows are another area where a little work can make a big difference. First off, cut away any plants blocking views unless the room is a bathroom. If the windows are unique, consider painting the frames a color that contrasts with the walls.

Trash is a fact of life, but should be seen as little as possible. Make your house stand out by installing vine trellis around where you keep your trash cans. Grow vines that flower on them to block any nasty trash smell.

A trellis is also great for breaking up a long, boring wall. The side of many homes is just where you can find such walls. Try using a trellis to create angles and grow different plants. It breaks up the walls and makes your home stick out.

People think of how living in homes during the day will be. This is ironic since night is the time most people spend at home. Take some time to work out a lighting plan for your landscaping that looks great and include pictures in your ads.

The above represent only a few of the many small changes you can make. The beauty of these changes is they have a cumulative effect. In exchange of a bit of elbow grease and a bit of money, you can have a unique home.

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