Thursday, December 27, 2007

Protecting Your Family With Holiday Home Insurance

By Leroy Calstard

If own a second home and want to rent it out when you aren't there in order to earn extra income, hiring a lease manager is a great way to collect your money without having to worry about finding tenants. You can rent your home out to weekly or monthly guests during busy seasons and make a nice profit. When you want to use the home, all you have to do is tell the lease manager that the home is not for rent during the time you will be staying and they will not rent it out. This is a way for your home to be protected when you can't keep an eye on it and a way to earn some extra money during the busy holiday season.

But befor eyou hand over the keys to your vacation home, make sure you purchase holiday home insurance. This is extra insurance that will cover any damage to the home, the items inside the home, and your property. Even though leasing managers screen potential renters, they may always be able to tell how a person will treat your home while they are staying there. If there is a fire or accidental death, the homeowner is usually repsonsible for paying for any damages to the home and medical care for those who were involved. Holiday home insurance policies will cover all of these expenses and more.

A holiday home insurance policy will also cover the retrieval of stolen property, any lawsuits and legal costs, and help you recover from natural disasters that may occur. Once you are fully covered, you can relax and enjoy the extr money coming in each time your home is rented. Leasing managers take a small percentage of the rental that includes their commission, cleaning costs after people vacate, and advertising for the property.

Many people who have second homes don't want them standing vacant all year long. This can promote theft or trespassing. By renting the property, you can feel better about not being able to check on your property anytime you want. Your leasing agent will help monitor activity around the home and help you make the most from renting it out.

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