Saturday, January 12, 2008

Buy Cyprus Property

By William Marind

Non-Cypriot individuals residing in Cyprus pay income tax at a flat rate of just 5%. This applies to the amounts remitted to Cyprus from pensions or income from overseas investments. The first CY2,000 per annum are tax exempt. Personal effects, household goods and furniture may be imported duty free by immigrant retirees, provided that they are for personal use and have been in use for some time (approximately one year). There is no duty on one car and retired couples benefit from the additional concession of two duty free cars.

The relatively low cost of living in Cyprus is definitely one of the advantages that appeals to the potential buyer. The island offers a full but comparatively inexpensive lifestyle. In fact, recent statistics pointed to Cyprus as being one of the most inexpensive countries in Europe. The local markets flaunt a wealth of colourful fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish locally grown and produced whilst the modern supermarkets are fully stocked with a large range of local and imported goods.

Transactions and payments are simply made through your foreign deposit account. The Cyprus currency system is based on the decimal system. One Cyprus Pound is divided into 100 cents. Coins range in value from one cent to 50 cents and four bank notes are in circulation: 1, 5, 10 and 20.

Such treaties combined with very favourable tax rates for international business entities in Cyprus open the doors to significant tax planning opportunities. The fact that Cyprus is not considered a tax haven but rather a country offering tempting tax incentives expels the distrust that international tax havens often arouse.

The main developers in Cyprus tend to look after their own after sales, so your first point of call would most likely be direct to them whether it's to have alterations or to highlight any problems with the property itself. That said, we do have a wealth of experience in after sales and can act upon your behalf should things not get resolved to your satisfaction.As we only work with the most prestigious companies on the island, you'll find most of these offering in-house property maintenance services from gardening to pool maintenance, regular cleaning to ad hoc visits. If they don't offer the service you require themselves, they will certainly put you in touch with a reputable company near to your property, ensuring they are best placed to keep an eye on it for you.

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