Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cyprus Golf Villas Secrets

By William Marind

The Town Planning Act. This law (expected to be fully enforced very soon) regulates development and it will supersede the liberal town planning zoning which exists at present. It requires the preparation of local plans for development and prior to any acquisition/development of property, the inspection of these plans is a must. Any development in the future will require a Planning Permission as well as a Building Permit.

In addition a 1.5%-2% is payable for the structural design and 0.3% for structural supervision. If you are at a loss as to the choice of a suitable consultant, seek the advice of the Registrar of the Association of Architects & Engineers (all licenced architects must be registered). Please bear in mind that in case of large buildings you may be able to negotiate a lower fee (as also in the case of repetitive work).

Action to be taken and points to bear in mind when buying your own plot to build your own house.Seek a suitable plot. Visit the area that you are interested in and ask the local residents directly, or in case of a village, the village muchtar, if there is land for sale. Seek the assistance of a registered estate agent who may be in a position to offer to you alternatives but bear in mind always that most local sellers do not use the services of estate agents.

Firstly, a preliminary contract is signed. This binds both the vendor and the purchase to buy and sell the property on terms and conditions that have been mutually agreed. This is subject to the purchaser being able to receive good title to the property and obtaining the necessary permits from the Cypriot government.At this stage, a deposit is lodged with a Lawyer or a Notary.The purchases lawyer will now carry out the searches at the District Land Registry to ensure that the vendor of the property is indeed, the owner and ensures that the purchaser obtains good title to the property.

Solar heating is an economic alternative and its adoption is relatively inexpensive, having a payback period of approximately 5 years.If you will have a garden, it is advisable to drill a borehole for watering as the water charges rise more than proportionately with consumption. This will cost around C1,200 for the borehole and the pump, although it will depend on the depth of the borehole. The drilling of a borehole requires a Government permit first.

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Blogger Brad Zurich said...

There are town planning regulators all over the world. The most effective regulators are those who have the good of the place in their hearts.

We need to save the environment more than ever today. Just for the heck of cashing in on the property boom development should not take place.

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