Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cyprus Real Estate

By William Marind

Cyprus is the lead nation that joined the European Union in 2004 which is another factor affecting the growth and prices in the property for sale market of Cyprus. It is expected that in the run-up to becoming a member of "the club", prices of property for sale in Cyprus will continue to rise at an estimated growth rate of around 20% per annum.The climate of Cyprus makes the island one of the healthiest places in the world. With 340 days of bright sunshine annually.

The Cyprus Property market is one of the fastest growing markets within Europe. Purchasers are attracted by the potential growth in terms of returns on investment of property in Cyprus compared to other countries in Europe and the UK. The climate (340 days of sunshine a year), along with easy access to the UK, Europe and other destinations is also a significant plus factor when considering the purchase of property to buy in Cyprus.

It is recommended that a building permit be secured first before works commence, although works such as excavations etc may begin prior to the issue of the building permit. In this case, your architect must consult with the Appropriate Authority to see whether there are any major objections to the drawings.

In addition a 1.5%-2% is payable for the structural design and 0.3% for structural supervision. If you are at a loss as to the choice of a suitable consultant, seek the advice of the Registrar of the Association of Architects & Engineers (all licenced architects must be registered). Please bear in mind that in case of large buildings you may be able to negotiate a lower fee (as also in the case of repetitive work).

The direct approach (find out who the owner is of the plot you are interested in and ask him if he wants to sell) may prove to be the best one. Bear in mind that it is the seller who pays for the commission of the agents and not the purchaser and for this reason agents have the owner's interest at heart and not yours.

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