Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Debt Consolidation And Destroying Your Debt

By Ben Novak

Once you enroll yourself with a debt consolidation services, the company sets to work by sending out proposals to your creditors, on your behalf. These proposals say that you have taken help from the particular debt consolidation company; and requests the creditor to co-operate. The letter has to have proof of your identity and genuine intention to pay-off the debts.

When debts become difficult to repay, it becomes even more difficult to learn how to cope--who to go to for help and how to effectively manage your debts. You may be tired of trying to avoid phone calls from creditors, but that doesn't mean you have to drown in your own debt; there is a very simple solution to your debt problems and that is to learn how to manage your debt.

Bankruptcy chapter 7 and debt settlement are two major ways to eliminate debts. This ensures debt reduction in overall amount as well as quick repayment. In bankruptcy, you plead to the judge to supervise the liquidation of your left over assets to repay creditors. Most of the times, the bankrupt party is left with nothing but exempt property, which leaves nothing for creditors to recover. Hence, the amount of payments, the date, and time is up to the judge. He will also dispense of the bankrupt party's belongings.However, it is important to note that chapter seven is only possible under strict conditions. There is a good chance you may be ineligible. If you are, you should consider debt settlement.

You will be able to fix your credit history by paying off all of your creditors immediately. Once the amount you receive is distributed among your creditors, you will slowly begin to recover as each creditor cancels your debt. The participating creditors will both help you recover your credit and make your repayment easier and further their interests by recovering a principle amount that was almost sure to end up as a write-off.

Debt consolidation agencies are set up to reduce your debts and interests. They help you by negotiating with your creditors on your own terms. Debt consolidation agencies make sure that your creditors are lenient with you and decrease your payload by almost 60%.

Debt consolidation services help you by saving you the trouble and embarrassment of filing for bankruptcy. Their basic function is to consolidate all your debts or monthly bills in one convenient amount payable every month; and to convince your creditors to accept these terms.

Debt consolidation is a better solution than bankruptcy; however, in most instances, it is not the best solution for resolving your debts. Many of the debt consolidation programs will exhaust the limited funds by incurring fees for using their service. Their solutions will also put you at risk of loosing your belongings.

Debt consolidation programs will also charge high rates of interest for their services. There may even be a monthly charge attached to the plan. The best solution for resolving debt is to contact the creditors and ask for extensions on your repayment plans. Some creditors will negotiate, offering you lower fees if you pay the debt off sooner. Some creditors will even drop the debts owed, realizing that the chances of getting their money is nil. You never know until you ask.

When it comes to debt, it can become frustrating, since it appears there is no way out. When you are working to restore your credit, you are working toward a brighter future. Remember, each bill you pay off subtracts the amount owed. Debt consolidation is like cutting grass, in that the lawn looks fresher once the weeds are whacked. It makes no sense to ignore your debts; rather working toward debt relief means working now to get rid of your debts.

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