Saturday, January 05, 2008

Home Staging Can Lead To Quick Home Sale

By Nancy Maurer

Prospective home buyers make their buying decisions within 10 seconds of walking into a house. Realtors agree that buyers begin to form opinions about a house from the moment they pull up in the driveway. It is therefore imperative that home sellers strive to create the best first impression, starting with the exterior of the house and continuing throughout the interior.

A Professional Home Stager can assist home sellers in creating an environment that will leave buyers with a positive impression of the home. A Home Stager is trained to offer recommendations on ways in which the overall presentation of the home can be improved in order to draw interest on the part of buyers.

Through Home Staging, focus will be placed on the positive features of the home, thereby leaving the buyer with a favorable impression of the home.

The first step taken by the Home Stager will be to conduct an evaluation of the home's exterior. An evaluation of the entire interior will be performed next. Finally, a report will be provided to the home seller, with detailed suggestions on how best to create a home atmosphere that will appeal to the broadest range of buyers.

Examples of recommendations Home Stagers will make include activities that range from painting, repairs, de-cluttering, re-accessorizing spaces, furniture arranging, and landscaping, among others.

A home that makes a favorable impression on prospective buyers will sell quickly and for top dollar. A Home Stager can assist you in establishing this desired first impression, making your home stand out from the rest.

Home Staging is known in parts of the country as "the secret weapon of real estate". Recently, Home Staging has started to make inroads in the eastern United States. With an increasing number of homes on the market and a lethargic housing market, Home Staging is advancing in popularity with sellers and realtors.

Realizing the importance of making their homes stand out from the crowd if they are to be considered by prospective buyers, home sellers and realtors are seeking out Home Stagers to assist them in their efforts to compete in a crowded housing market.

Keep this is mind: The cost of Home Staging services is considerably less than the average price reduction!

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