Saturday, January 12, 2008

Properties In Cyprus Secrets

By William Marind

In addition a 1.5%-2% is payable for the structural design and 0.3% for structural supervision. If you are at a loss as to the choice of a suitable consultant, seek the advice of the Registrar of the Association of Architects & Engineers (all licenced architects must be registered). Please bear in mind that in case of large buildings you may be able to negotiate a lower fee (as also in the case of repetitive work).

In case you require air condition ing/central heating, we suggest that the advice of a qualified electrical and mechanical engineer be sought. Fees for this consultant are around 4% for the design and 2% for supervision (on the cost of the works).Insist on all drawings being ready before inviting tenders.

The next step is to appoint an architect to carry out the design. There is an abundance of well qualified architects on the island and many capable technicians as well. We suggest that you appoint an architect for the purpose (not an engineer or technician). Architect fees range from 4%-6% (on the building cost) but you can agree also on a fixed fee. The prevailing fees are 3.8% on the building cost for a complete set of architectural plans and 1.6% for supervision (including the issuing of certificates).

Action to be taken and points to bear in mind when buying your own plot to build your own house.Seek a suitable plot. Visit the area that you are interested in and ask the local residents directly, or in case of a village, the village muchtar, if there is land for sale. Seek the assistance of a registered estate agent who may be in a position to offer to you alternatives but bear in mind always that most local sellers do not use the services of estate agents.

The Cyprus Property market is one of the fastest growing markets within Europe. Purchasers are attracted by the potential growth in terms of returns on investment of property in Cyprus compared to other countries in Europe and the UK. The climate (340 days of sunshine a year), along with easy access to the UK, Europe and other destinations is also a significant plus factor when considering the purchase of property to buy in Cyprus.

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