Thursday, January 10, 2008

Property Sale Cyprus Secrets

By William Marind

Transfer of ownership from vendor to purchaser is accomplished by a simple procedure through the land registry office. The contract of sale must be in writing, and it is advisable that such contracts be registered at the District Land Registry Office within 60 days from the contract date.When issued, the title deed will be registered in the name of the buyer and will be recorded in the government archives - these are confidential and will not be published or made accessible under any circumstances.

Cyprus enjoys a remarkably low crime rate 1/6 of the European average another reason for its popularity with foreign buyers for whom security has become a key element in the property world. Visitors are invariably surprised and reassured by this relaxed aspect of life on the island, where crime is virtually unheard of and theft not commonplace. Under the Aliens and Immigration Law, non-Cypriots wishing to take up employment in Cyprus are required to have a work permit.

Permission to purchase a property must be obtained from the Council of Ministers by written application. This must be submitted by the non-Cypriot purchaser after the agreement has been signed. However, the permission is granted more or less as a matter of course to all bona fide buyers. In the meantime purchasers may take possession of their property without restriction.

Solar heating is an economic alternative and its adoption is relatively inexpensive, having a payback period of approximately 5 years.If you will have a garden, it is advisable to drill a borehole for watering as the water charges rise more than proportionately with consumption. This will cost around C1,200 for the borehole and the pump, although it will depend on the depth of the borehole. The drilling of a borehole requires a Government permit first.

The most important pending legislation which affects the property market is the following: the Estate Agents' Bill. This proposed legislation regulates the estate agents' conduct and imposes penalties for misrepresentation etc. The agents must be registered with the Government and take out an indemnity insurance; the Developer's Bill. This, most important piece of legislation, regulates development and it proposes to have the Lands' Office to act as an overall controller on development projects which are for sale. Developers will have to take out an insurance in order to indemnify purchasers for wrong doings.

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