Saturday, January 05, 2008

Protect Your Dog - Get Dog Insurance:

By John Dale

We are all protective of our beloved dog but still we do not think of protecting it by getting it insured. The thought only crosses our mind when the dog gets severely injured or gets ill and we have to take the poor animal to the vet. The rising bills will make you wish you had bought dog insurance long ago.

If we are unable to afford vet bills for our pet, at the very least this can mean distress and discomfort for them. In the case of serious illness it can mean that we have to make a very unhappy decision to have Fido put to sleep because the treatment that will save him simply cannot be paid for. Insuring our dog ensures that we are never placed in such an unhappy predicament where we have to choose between our loved pet and our financial security.

It is our legal duty to take care of the pet we have in our house. Those who fail to take proper care have to face severe penalties and in some cases get themselves a criminal record for not taking proper care of the dog. Thus being a dog owner comes with lots of responsibilities towards the dog. We have to pay for the expensive medical bills of the dog to ensure that we are performing our legal duties as well as providing the dog with such care because of which he is able to live a long and healthy life.

We are also responsible for the behavior of our dog. If a dog runs in front of a car and causes an accident or if he bites someone then we will have to pay for the bills in this situation as well. This is to ensure that we are taking the responsibility seriously. In these cases even paying for the bills will put a dent on our financial position. But if you get a dog insurance then you can use it to cover any such financial situation.

We have all seen posters for missing pets from time to time. Insuring our dog will allow us to be able to cover the cost of a reward for finding Fido should he decide to wander off, as well as help cover the cost of advertising in the local press. Make sure that any policy will cover these basic things as they are frequently the cause of an insurance claim on these policies.

Getting dog medical insurance policy is a very wise decision, especially when it is compared with the expenses you will have to pay in case you do not have it. You will have to pay only a few pennies per day but the insurance will cover thousands of pounds as well as any other financial situation that might rise.

Those who have their dogs insured say that with the insurance they experienced an unexpected benefit, peace of mind. You can put a leash to your dog but you can never control its behavior. And despite the fact how much you love your dog there are still situations under which you are not able to cover all the expenses but with dog health insurance you no longer need to worry about it.

Getting dog insurance is as important as getting car insurance and in some cases even more important. You get it much cheaper then any other policy and provide you much more in return. You might not be bound to get your dog insured by law but common sense will force you to do so.

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