Sunday, January 13, 2008

Secrets To Renting Properties

By William Marind

Furthermore, it is not sufficient to merely check the zone of the property under consideration but one should also check the zone of the neighbourhood in general. This is so, since your plot may be within an agricultural area but a few feet away there may be another zone, say industrial or animal farming, which will create nuisance to your property.If an area is not subject to zoning, it is best to consult an expert or even pay a visit to the Planning Office and consult, unofficially, the officers on their views on the possible planning use of the area under consideration.

For all the towns and for some villages there are water development zones and it is most difficult to get public water supply to a property sited outside the zone. Do not take, therefore, the word of the estate agent, the owner or the village muchtar, that water supply can be made available. Remember that the appropriate water authority is the Water Development Department only.

Usually, the ancient monument area is marked as AM on the Lands' and Surveys' plans but the non inclusion of the letters AM. does not guarantee that the plot is free from this kind of restrictions. If, therefore, you see on inspection ancient monuments close to the land you intend to buy or if you see your prospective acquisition being marked with AM. or that land close to it is so marked, then check the whole matter with the Antiquities Department.

The transfer of the title can be effective once the Council of Ministers' permission is obtained along with confirmation of receipt of the foreign funds. Upon transfer and registration in the purchasers name the district Land Registry Office will charge transfer fees which are based on the market value of the property at the time of purchase - as follows: Value up to CY50,000 - 3% CY50,001 - CY100,000 - 5% CY100,000+ - 8%

In addition a 1.5%-2% is payable for the structural design and 0.3% for structural supervision. If you are at a loss as to the choice of a suitable consultant, seek the advice of the Registrar of the Association of Architects & Engineers (all licenced architects must be registered). Please bear in mind that in case of large buildings you may be able to negotiate a lower fee (as also in the case of repetitive work).

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