Saturday, January 12, 2008

Secrets To Reselling Property

By William Marind

Be absolutely sure that the land you are buying is in fact the land that you are being shown. Ask for a copy of the title deed and check the sheet/plan/plot references and the site plan of the site. Look at the site plan and ascertain from its boundaries its shape and sitting. The location of nearby roads and buildings, major differences in the topography of the ground, rivers and streams are clearly shown on Lands' Office plans. If you cannot study the site plan seek the advice of your property surveyor.

Cyprus is the lead nation that joined the European Union in 2004 which is another factor affecting the growth and prices in the property for sale market of Cyprus. It is expected that in the run-up to becoming a member of "the club", prices of property for sale in Cyprus will continue to rise at an estimated growth rate of around 20% per annum.The climate of Cyprus makes the island one of the healthiest places in the world. With 340 days of bright sunshine annually.

For those who want to buy a plot of land and put up a building there, there are certain major points they have to bear in mind. As a rough and general rule, and provided there is a "satisfactory" access, a single house can be erected on a plot of land. If more than one house is required, then water must be provided. The water supply may be either from a public or private source. In the event of private water supply (usually a borehole) its quantity and quality are tested by the Water Development Department.

In these circumstances, promises and the willingness of locals to help may meet the Authority's objections. A more serious consideration however is section 4A of the Streets' and Buildings' Regulations. This amendment of the Law states that, in certain cases, no building permit will be granted to plots of land which are the result of field subdivision. Therefore, the derivation of the site's title must be examined and verified by the District Lands' Office.

Location: In any particular area there are many blocks of flats under construction (this is less true for the Paphos residential areas). Try to shop around and choose a block in a good area. Of course what is a 11 good" area is relative and depends on various factors including personal judgement and taste. it is widely accepted, however, that a 11 good" area is one which is relatively central, not densely developed with flats, more of a residential area, relatively quiet (not on main roads) and which is close to schools and shops.

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