Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Uk Flood Alerts- The Shocking Truth

By John Paige

According to a survey done recently, about 6 and a half million homes in the United Kingdom are at risk for flooding, with about one and a half million of them lying in high risk areas. Are you one of the six and a half million? Just thinking about that should make you a little nervous. So far in the UK, the government has prepared and completed flood protection for only around 80,000 homes.

With this knowledge, you must realize how much trouble you could be in if you can not obtain flood insurance coverage for your home. You must certainly realize by now that if you live in a high risk flood zone, insurers are not likely going to be offering you a policy with open arms and a big smile. If global warming continues at its current rate, this problem, by the year 2030, is expected to rise to three and a half million homes. This is an astonishingly huge number, and is something everyone within the United Kingdom should pay attention to.

Due to recent severe flooding in the United Kingdom, predominantly in high risk areas, many insurers have started thinking about removing flood coverage from their policies and available coverages. These companies have faced millions of pounds worth of claims in recent years, and if the government does not step in and aid in flood defences, then this coverage will certainly be dropped in most areas.

This defence building is the responsibility of DEFRA, or the Department for Environmental, Food, and Rural Affairs. The primary and immediate result of the severe flooding is that people with homes located in high risk zones must unfortunately expect their premiums to soar upward if they are somehow able to keep their coverage.

This news is especially bad for people in high risk areas, who are facing increases up to 400% in their premiums. Unfortunately if you live in these areas, you should not be surprised if renewal of your policy is denied or you are unable to purchase a policy to cover floods at all.

Internet reports also show that if DEFRA does not get on top of this problem, the possibility that UK 's current bill of 950 million a year for flood damage could rise to as high as 3.2 billion. The insurance claim for household flood damage in the UK is 30,000, a figure which is much higher than insurance claims for fire damage.

To help control these costs, the Association of British Insurers, or ABI, is pressuring DEFRA to make haste in upgrading and installing defences against flooding in the United Kingdom, predominantly in high risk zones.

If you want to know if your current home or one you plan to move in to is one of the almost seven million at risk from flooding, you can check the flood maps at DEFRA's website, located at www.environment-agency.gov.uk. You can not ignore these facts, as your entire future might well be at stake, so please, find out today if you are at risk.

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