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More than 3,500 Screens Deployed as Company Continues National Rollout

of the Nation's Premier Pump Top TV Network and Adds ABC News Programming


Santa Fe Springs, CA -- Westinghouse Digital, one of the top five LCD manufacturers in the U.S., announced today that the company has completed deployment of Westinghouse gas pump TV systems in four major demographic areas on the West Coast, reaching over 8 million viewers per month.  The company has installed 3,500 specially-designed LCD screens as part of Adtek Media's PumpTopTV network in major brand gas stations in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento.  The installations are part of the company's previously announced commitment to build systems throughout the U.S., including networks in Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston in 2008.   


"With the addition of San Francisco and Sacramento markets to the initial launch of operations in Los Angeles and San Diego, PumpTop TV is now accessible by 10% of the U.S. population," said Doug Woo, President of Westinghouse Digital.  "Actual viewership levels now exceed 8 million people per month.  Over the next twelve months, we expect to deploy 20,000 screens and expand our viewership to close to 40 million as our national roll out proceeds according to plan."


The PumpTop TV network features daily news, weather, sports and entertainment programming and real-time traffic data from multiple media partners, including ABC News.  ABC produces a daily line of news features for PumpTop TV through its "ABC News NOW" property, a 24-hour digital cable network available to out-of-home digital media.  The PumpTop TV programming "wheel" is supported through advertising.


The PumpTop TV network is part of Westinghouse Digital's larger, longer-term commitment to combine purposed content with unique hardware designed to reach viewers in specific situations.  "Westinghouse Digital is working with content providers to take the lead in expanding – and even breaking – the traditional boundaries of hardware, with the intent to create new and compelling viewer experiences," said Woo.


Westinghouse gas pump TV systems reflect integration at the manufacturer level – with full manufacturer support – to address the unique functional needs of outdoor displays intended for viewers pumping gas.  Woo added "Westinghouse has leveraged its strong internal engineering and supply chain relationships up to the LCD panel level, along with its partnership with Adtek Media, to create an end-to-end solution in the gas pump TV market, blending content, hardware, software and network, and satisfying the needs of gas stations owners, viewers, content providers, and the advertisers that support them. We intend to address other vertical markets with equally unique combinations in ways that only a full integrated hardware provider, like Westinghouse Digital, can deliver."


PumpTop TV uses customized 19-inch Westinghouse displays to provide drivers an engaging diversion during their five minutes of fueling time.  PumpTop TV also offers a unique screen layout which displays news and advertising simultaneously.  This format provides a more compelling consumer experience in the gas station environment and offers content owners and advertisers multiple areas of "real estate" to deliver programming and messaging.


"Content owners are searching for attractive new ways to reach viewers, in particular, leveraging the versatility and near universal presence of the internet," said Woo.  "Unique hardware with robust content management capabilities from front end display and the back end distribution structure enables content owners to create new and repurpose existing content in order to craft a compelling viewer experience."


"Alternative media is the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry.  PumpTop TV, in particular, is a cost-effective and measurable broadcast media alternative" says Dick Paulsen, President of AdtekMedia. "The opportunity to view is extremely high, the media experience is very engaging and the results are ultimately measurable."     


Consumers today are increasingly spending more time out of the home and becoming more difficult to reach with traditional media.  As a result, advertisers' appetite for alternative media is growing. According to PQ Media research, alternative out-of-home spending grew by 27% to $1.69 billion in 2006 and accelerated growth is projected through 2011.


About Westinghouse Digital Electronics

Westinghouse Digital Electronics is one of the top five LCD TV manufacturers in the U.S. (2007*).  The company offers a complete suite of innovative LCD displays for the professional and consumer markets as well as LCD-based consumer electronic products that deliver the latest digital content for the ultimate entertainment or commercial display experience. Westinghouse Digital's award-winning consumer HDTV line up includes a complete family of 720p and 1080p LCD HDTVs and HD 1080p monitors in a wide range of sizes and formats, HD Grade™ computer standard and widescreen monitors, and a full line of digital photo frames. Westinghouse Digital's Commercial Business Unit offers a full suite of high-end LCD HDTVs and video monitors targeted to meet the demanding needs of the Pro A/V business sector, including digital signage applications. As a fully-integrated, complete technology provider, Westinghouse Digital has the capability to provide customers with hardware, software and content in one box for the ultimate all-in-one solution. As the power behind Adtek Media's PumpTop TV network, Westinghouse Digital is the exclusive supplier of thousands of specially-designed LCD screens which deliver entertainment, news and advertising in major brand gas stations to millions of viewers each month. For more information, please visit www.westinghousedigital.com.


About AdtekMedia

AdtekMedia, Inc. is a leading provider of Out-of-Home Digital Media solutions. The company operates PumpTop TV, the nation's premier digital media network located at U.S. gas pumps. The company has partnered with Westinghouse Digital Electronics, one of the world's largest LCD TV manufacturers, to expand the PumpTop TV network into top U.S. metropolitan markets within the next four years and will deliver news, weather traffic and entertainment content from national and local providers interspersed with advertising. For more information, please visit www.PumpTopTV.com or www.AdtekMedia.com.     


* The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service, based on unit sales, from January through October 2007.



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