Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Finding A Successful Balance

By Healthy Wealthy nWise

James Ray, the son of a Protestant minister, grew up with a varied religious background. He wasn't the type of child who enjoyed sports or school dances. He preferred reading books. His favorites were religious and philosophical in nature. Although his father raised him with traditional Christian beliefs, James always had an open mind about what other cultures believed.

As a teenager, James Ray wanted to learn how the universe works, so he began studying Buddhism, philosophy, and quantum physics. Today, he teaches people some of the same ideas he gathered in his childhood. He encourages people to dive deeply into one subject and be a true student rather than constantly seeking a bit of everything.

Before becoming a spiritual teacher, James Ray James ray was a top sales manager and in charge of AT&T's School of Business. It was his job to train others in the company, and in doing so, he taught them how to think differently, act differently, and feel differently to get results.

James Ray left AT&T to venture out on his own in 1992. Before getting into spiritual teaching, he first worked as a corporate consultant and trainer. James felt he could have an impact on the bottom line of a corporation by training individuals within each company. After all, what is a company without its employees?

James Ray started a program called Harmonic Wealth as a way to spiritually connect people with their passions. Harmonic Wealth isn't about money as the name may imply, but rather it's about spiritual balance and fulfillment. No one can be happy with money alone. Even rich people feel the burden of financial insecurity. Through the Harmonic Wealth program, James teaches five key areas of balance.

The five key areas, or pillars, that James Ray teaches his students to balance are financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. After you figure out what your passion is, you can incorporate it into your life through each of the pillars. When you do, your life will come alive with fire.

Each of the five pillars depends on the stability of the others, so balance, James believes, is essential. You can't think about how much you love your spouse if you're in the middle of an argument about money, and you can't give a presentation at work if you have a sore throat. Harmonic Wealth means you can't be happy with money alone. You need all areas of your life to be in tip-top shape.

James Ray has made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show and Larry King Live. He was also in the movie "The Secret," which is in many ways similar to his Harmonic Wealth program. Balance is required in Harmonic wealth, and you have to go "three for three" with The Secret through focus of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Find a successful balance, and find a successful life!

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