Monday, January 07, 2008

How To Address Conficts With Your Uk Flood Insurance

By John Paige

Are you in a situation where you are having problems with your flood insurance company? Life does not always run smoothly, and so much as it can happen with things like work and errands, so too can conflicts arise when dealing with your insurance company.

First of all, you must remember that insurance companies do not work or stand alone. They belong to a group of or an organization and when you have complaints, they will settle with you based on the organization laws and regulations.

What this ultimately means, is that resolving your issue is not as easy as simply going into the sales office and demanding satisfaction. Your insurance company will not ignore your complaints, but you must channel them through the proper resources and departments. It is important to follow the rules of your company when filing a complaint.

You must remember that your insurance provider is a member of an organization and there is always an expert or appropriate person who will address your complaint. Your flood zone insurance company just needs to settle things in a systematic order because they have their reputation to protect. People entrust their money and their properties to insurance providers, hence the need for them to remain credible before their clients.

When you plan to buy the services of a flood insurance company make sure that company is a part of one or more insurance organizations. If they are not a member of other insurance organizations then it should raise a lot of questions in you. These trade organizations control and formulate the rules for their member units.

Generally in the UK a flood insurance company is a member of at least one of the two organizations which are IBRC or the Insurance Brokers Registration Council and ABI which is the Association of British Insurers. If you know which organization your company belongs to, it will be easy for you to proceed in case of any trouble.

The providers who are part of any of the two organizations will be following the rules of this organization. This gives you an added advantage in the sense that your complaints will be sorted out by very senior professionals who are quite experienced in this field.

There is a new organization called the General Insurance Standards Council (GISC) who are slowly taking charge of the insurance industry. When you have a complaint, the process is started by filing a written complaint directly to the provider. If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive, you must find out the appropriate complaints procedure and follow it. Your complaint will either fall into the hands of an ombudsman or an arbitrator.

Should your case go to an arbitrator, both your and your insurance provider must agree to accept the decision without further action. If instead, it goes to an ombudsman, your insurance provider has to agree to the decision, but you have the option of disagreeing and pursuing the case in court at your own(usually very high)expense.

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