Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Real Estate Open Houses By Thomas Tooma

By Thomas Tooma

Opinion in the real estate market today is divided when it comes to the merits of holding an open house. Some real estate agents think that this strategy is not very effective when it comes to selling a home, and in fact that it may be counter productive. The theory behind this thinking is that open homes dont necessarily attract people who are really interested in buying your home instead, they attract people who are just interested in looking at your home

Maybe you think that holding an open house is really the best way to get prospective buyers interested in your property, and have chosen to take the plunge and try holding one yourself. Well, it could be very good indeed, but the key will be in attracting a truly targeted audience. Here are a few ideas.

Forget about regular media. Most of the time, people will depend on listing their open house in the classifieds or on tv segments in order to promote your open house. This is a great way to attract un interested buyers, but rather people out to kill time on a Saturday afternoon. Not only does this fail to really serve your purpose, but you also run the risk of excluding truly interested buyers due to a lack of room.

Use the web. Instead of using traditional media, try taking a look at listing your house online. There are several sites which list open houses in specific areas. The difference here is that these sites are not typically used by casual browsers; instead, they attract a highly targeted traffic that are really interested in your home.

The Internet also offers a whole new level of open house in the form of the virtual tour. Not only do you only show your house to truly interested potential buyers, but you dont have to have anyone physically in your home to do it! In addition, you are always showing your house in prime condition.

If you are considering holding an open house, make sure to address their shortcomings by focusing on a more targeted traffic. One way to do this is to take advantage of the opportunities available online.

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