Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Finding The Finest French Properties Around

By John Bakers

Old French buildings are very beautiful, finding the finest example is a wonderful way of getting the perfect house. However many of these properties are not built with a number of the modern creature comforts that we all take for granted. Few people would want to live in these houses unless they are first renovated. There are lots of old stone houses for sale in france, although these are beautiful they require renovations because many of them have been neglected.

It's quite easy to find Period French Properties; the trouble comes when you try to find a good one. You should consider the activities you do each day, would these properties suit you? Sure they are perfectly livable, however you will almost certainly need them modernized. You should get the property checked over by an expert before you embark on any renovation projects. This expert will be able to tell you about the property, also checking the building itself. The electrical wiring will almost certainly need to be upgraded. This expert will be able to suggest what you should concentrate on changing or improving first.

Before starting your French Property renovation you should ideally work out a budget. Work out how much everything will cost, after all there is no point starting the project if you cannot afford to finish it. You should also allow extra money for a contingency fund, just in case anything costs more than expected. When planning your renovation it is a good idea to hire a professional architect in order to look over all of the tasks. Your architect will be a god send as they will be able to advice you in terms of building regulations.

How to hire a builder or an Architect

Before you are allowed to make renovations on a French property you may first need to acquire a building permit. This is the case if your house is protected by a preservation order, or it is in the list of historic monuments. Your architect should be able to advise you whether or not you need a permit, and even get it for you should you need one. When you hire a builder or architect always make sure that they are officially registered in France. It is possible to check this out, ask for important information such as his Siret number, this is issued by the chamber of commerce. Also ask for insurance details. It is absolutely vital that you hire someone that knows exactly what they are doing you don't want someone that will make the building worse.

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