Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Easy Way To Be A Penny Stock Trader

By George Best

A successful penny stock trader used to have to spend many hours of evaluation and research to choose the right stocks to invest in and to avoid the many scams and frauds prevalent in the penny stock trading world. But new technology is changing all that, and now even novice penny stock investors have at their disposal an effective tool to quickly and accurately assess the potential of penny stocks.

There have been many attempts over the years to produce computerized penny stock analysis tools. These attempts have failed in large part due to the fact that computer programmers typically are not expert stock analysts.

The lack of analysis tools has meant that penny stock traders have been forced to continue the slow process of evaluation before making their investments. The time-consuming nature of penny stock investing has largely left out those who are part-time investors.

But along has come "Marl", which is the penny stock picking brainchild of two computer programmers who happened to have expertise in stock trading. Marl allows for fast analysis of hundreds of stocks and has a remarkably good track record of predicting which stocks are primed for a major jump in value.

Marl has been a boon to serious penny stock traders, making millions of dollars for many investors. Marl makes penny stock investing much safer and more lucrative for advanced and novice penny stock traders alike. The problem is, it costs $28,000 to buy a license for the Marl program and this is obviously out of the reach of small investors.

The good news is that there is an option that allows even the smallest of investors to reap rewards from Marl. The Marl developers put out a newsletter with Marl's best penny stock pick each week. The newsletter is remarkably affordable, and it gives even those with very small budgets the ability to get the best of Marl.

For newer penny stock traders, the newsletter option might actually be better than owning the full Marl program, as it limits the recommendations to just one pick per week, so investors don't have to sort through hundreds of possible options and try to decide how much to invest on which stocks.

Although the inventors of Marl have indicated that the newsletter may be closed soon to new subscribers, for now even the smallest and most novice of penny stock traders have a tool accessible to them that puts them on a level playing field with the experts.

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