Thursday, January 03, 2008

Why Women Invest More Carefully Then Man

By John Spencer

Men are from mars, and women from Venus. This is an age old adage that implies that the thinking of men is very much different from the thinking of a woman. Men and women look at everything in life with a different point of view. Even when investing money, men and women adopt different strategies and steps for the best investment.

Most of the time men can only concentrate on one thing at a time but women can do several things at once.This also happens when it comes down to investing.Men tend to invest in the more risky investment opportunities with bigger potential returns while women diversify and look for the investments with lower risk.

The way women and men handle money is very different from each other,that is why they invest in different ways.It is not easy to which method is the best one since both their results are on the same level.One thing that shows a big difference is that women tend to differentiate more creatively when investing their money.

Men like to do the investing themselves without any help from the outside.They rarely talk about their investment approach with outsiders.If they decide to ask for advice most of the time they will turn to a broker or investment advisor.But women like to join investment clubs for advice and strategy discussion as women are more social in nature.The less experienced women tend to do this more often ten the experienced female investors.

Once they join one of these clubs they will look for the most experienced members to share their ideas and absorb the knowledge available.When women decide to join one or more of these clubs they should try and find clubs where there are women who have a lot of experience and advice that can be trusted.If they join clubs filled with a lot of novices there is a good change that the tips and advice given turn out to be worthless and if followed this might end up in losing your well earned money.

The safest thing that any beginning investor should do is talk to a financial advisor or let an investment fund handle their money as they are more experienced and the change of losing your money is much smaller.These advisors can also assist women on the tax regulations involved.

In addition to all this, women tend to be more commercially savvy than men. They tend to focus on day to day expenses related to the finances of running a home while men concentrate on big-ticket items like the latest sports car. Women realize that if the cost of gasoline is rising, with some research, they invest in oil stocks that are due to rise after some time. The toys their kids invest in also give them ideas for investing. They find out about the new brand of toys kids like and find out more about the company so that they can consider investing in the toy company.

One more thing most women are in the habit of doing is setting up a savings account where they can accumulate small amounts each month when their paycheck comes in.This can turn into a large amount which can then be used to invest in an investment funds with far better returns the a regular savings account.We can state that women are far more creative then men when it comes down to investing.

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